Working In The Here And Now

Process-oriented Supervision Workshop

Friday, 6/22/18


773 Central Ave., Westfield, NJ

Early Bird $35 (Until 5/26/18)

Regular $50


Have you struggled with stuck clients?

How do you effectively deal with feeling drained, frustrated and fatigued in session?

Irvin Yalom, Fritz Perls and many others have used the Here-and-Now to unlock dormant emotional energy and dramatically change the interactions with difficult clients. 

In this workshop, we will use the here-and-now thoughts and feelings of the members to highlight and elucidate dynamics in clinical cases and nuances of technique. This is an exciting, challenging way to learn, grow and connect. Members gain an actual experience of being in a process group.

This workshop is in high demand. We have 10 available spots and the last two workshops were fully attended with a waiting list. Please reserve your spot early if you’re interested.