Working In The Here And Now

Process-oriented Supervision Workshop

Monday, 6/4/18 7-9pm

40 Exchange Place, NY, NY


Working in the Here-and-Now is a powerful way to increase the vitality of our clinical work. Whether in individual, group, couples or family work, focusing on present-moment interactions and dynamics makes the session vivid and engaging.

This kind of work also demands a particular courage on the part of the therapist, a skill, familiarity and tolerance for uncomfortable feelings and the willingness to confront elephants in the room.

There is also a theoretical foundation to working in the Here-and-Now that is often inadequately explored. Whose version of working in the Here-and-Now are we talking about? Irvin Yalom, Fritz Perls and others all have dramatically different approaches.

This workshop will be the first in a series exploring these questions in a process-oriented format.

We will use the here-and-now thoughts and feelings of the members to highlight and elucidate dynamics in clinical cases and nuances of technique. This is an exciting, challenging way to learn, grow and connect. Members gain an actual experience of being in a process group. There is also time for discussion and networking.

The requested donation for this workshop is $45.