Training Group

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Weekly Training Group

Conference Call 

Mondays, 7:00-8:30pm EST


What is a training group?

Dr. Elliot Zeisel, a prominent group leader, refers to a training group as an “everything bagel.”

It’s a process group so you can be honest in a way that rarely happens in other settings. This means you get real, practical feedback from other members about how you show up. The confrontation is intense, but then you really trust the support, affection and encouragement–because you know if they didn’t like something they’d tell you. This is the here-and-now juiciness of Yalom, Perls, and the modern analytic genius, Louis Ormont.

It’s also a place for supervision. You know that case that you kind of think you should talk about with your supervisor but somehow you keep forgetting to bring up? You know the one where you’re mostly sure you’re keeping your boundaries, except for those one or two interactions? The case where you both haven’t mentioned the unpaid bill? In a process-oriented supervisory environment, the group will help you get to the core of counter-transference issues that are getting in the way of effective, satisfying treatment.

It’s also a place for networking and referrals. You work with a couple and want to refer the belligerent husband to someone you know will be able to handle his wall of denial? One of your patients has a sister who is looking for a couples therapist and only wants someone that you personally know is good?

It’s also a place for learning theory and technique. Are you excited about the new IFS workshop you attended and want somewhere to share your thoughts about combining IFS with Somatic Experiencing? Do you have a question about using CBT with psychotic patients? The training group is a place where the hearts, minds and experience of many are available to supplement your learning and growth.

Vitality and Belonging are two core values in psychotherapy. Group members cultivate their capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and skillfully work with transference and projection.

We explore:

  • Counter-transference
  • Use of Self
  • Working with Aggression
  • Dreams and Symbolic Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Boundary-Setting
  • Practice Building

Additional benefits include greater self-understanding, ability to create and sustain intimacy, assertiveness, support, a sense of community and inspiration. The group attracts people who value authenticity and courage. Members can delve into sexuality, animosity, conflict and connection. They can adventure together in a symbolic space.

They learn who they are and who they can become.