V&B Training Group for Students

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Weekly Conference Call

Mondays, 3:15-4:45pm EST


What is a training group?

First of all, it’s a process group.

What is a process group?

A process group is a place where members are invited to share their thoughts and feelings towards and about the other members in the room. This creates an atmosphere of electric authenticity, where members receive feedback that they rarely get from friends, partners and even individual therapists or supervisors. This kind of honesty is freeing. You discover who you are– what you desire, what holds you back, what you need and how to get it.

There is something almost magical about being with peers who are committed to vulnerability, courage and growth. 

When you’re a student, your teachers and supervisors have significant influence on your academic success and your career. Sometimes it’s hard to open up about challenges you’re facing because you’re scared that your struggles will be held against you.

The training group is a space for a special kind of peer supervision. Using the Here-and-Now, the group will help you get to the core of counter-transference issues that are getting in the way of effective, satisfying treatment. This kind of self-understanding is invaluable in our profession–and in life.

The group is also a place for clarifying theory and technique. Are you wondering how intersubjectivity and body-oriented psychotherapy intersect? Or how to apply motivational interviewing to the particular population you’re working with?

The group is an environment where the hearts, minds and experience of students from all over the world are available to supplement your learning and growth.

Group members cultivate their capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and skillfully work with transference and projection.

We explore:

  • Counter-transference
  • Use of Self
  • Working with Aggression
  • Dreams and Symbolic Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Boundary-Setting