Deeper in the Here-and-Now

Conference Call

This workshop was really powerful. At times I wasn’t sure what direction it would go
in and somehow Jacob seemed to help us all dig deep and go to the uncomfortable to see
change. It was interesting to see how many of us were resistant to the discomfort at first and then were able grow from it. I learned ways that I act both in my personal and professional life and have since been working on becoming more comfortable with discomfort. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wanted to explore how to help clients remain in the present and use the group or facilitator to change long standing patterns of behavior.

–Maureen Gafney, LCSW

I will admit that I was a little skeptical by the end of the first session, but I am so glad I continued with the workshop. By the end of the second session, I had made some important revelations about both myself and the group. By the end of the final session I had what I can only describe as a “light bulb moment.” I felt as though by being a part of this workshop, I understood the here-and-now in a way that cannot by gained through scholarship and academia. It is something that must be experienced and this workshop
provides an excellent platform through which to do so. I would highly recommend this workshop to any mental health professional, no matter their area of expertise.

–Kerrie Husband, LSW

Participation in the Deeper in the Here and Now group was extremely interesting and very valuable. I had never participated in a group like this and it was fascinating to experience dynamics of the group. I was able to process some of my own emotions which surprised me I learned so much that I will use in my practice. Thanks Jacob!

–Jill Barnett Kaufman, LCSW

In Person

I was excited to join this process group to explore how people experience me and compare it to my self-concept. The process turned out to be enlightening, frightening and fun. I’ve participated in two meetings already and plan on attending more. I learned something about myself each time and although it was not entirely new, I learned how to see it in a new way and that is what makes it transformative. For me, learning how to use the here and now moment to express thoughts and feelings towards others in the group was like learning how to play a new game. You’re not really sure of the rules or how good you will be at but you’re eager to start playing and see how well you do. Working in the here and now is a useful life skill, both on a personal and professional level. This is a powerful and effective intervention in the clinical setting and will enable both therapist and patient to go deeper. Jacob is a skilled group leader who runs the group with authenticity – a trait which I believe is the essence of all successful relationships.

Michelle Halle, LCSW

I recently had the opportunity to attend the “Deeper In the Here & Now” workshop provided by Jacob Winkler, LCSW. This experience was intense, challenging, and liberating. My objective in attending was to learn tactics for when I feel stuck with clients. Jacob has a knack and natural artistry for operating in the “here-and-now” and utilizing the provocative approach. Witnessing him instantly turn frustrating and stalemate scenarios with group participants into opportunities for growth, progress, and connection was invigorating. Two days following the workshop, I found myself tuning more into my felt-sense while in session with a client. Giving voice to the felt-sense released me of a tiring and suffocating feeling that I had to continue sitting in my chair and “dealing with” the feelings I was experiencing with the client in the here-and-now. More importantly, it allowed the client to access underlying feelings in the therapy room that she had not been aware she’d been experiencing outside of therapy. Jacob, thank you again for taking us “deeper” so that our work can continue to be about taking our clients to higher levels of awareness and change.

Blaire Franklin, LPC

I recently attended Jacob’s Deeper in the HereandNow workshop. My original intention was to broaden my expertise in group psychotherapy through immersion into the simulation of an actual group. What I experienced was far greater than I imagined, and certainly was not a simulation. Participating involved navigating rapidly shifting roles of clinician, colleague, and individual. As participants interacted, professional demeanors were swept away in a manner that broke down barriers and hidden coping strategies, and complex, often painful emotions were evoked. As clinicians, we attempted to diagnose, challenge, and treat, but ultimately we became clients ourselves. As colleagues, we came to know, understand, and care for each other. By the end of the session, we had become a group of vulnerable people, more fully aware of ourselves and each other, connected in a much deeper way than we ever expected. Thank you Jacob for this unique opportunity to gain insight into the here-and-now, to grow personally and professionally, and to better understand and serve our clients.

Lisa Blazek Luisi, Psy.D.

Participating in Jacob’s process group was such a humbling experience both personally and professionally. Being a part of the group was a reminder of the courage and vulnerability our clients carry with them as they enter our space. The group experience also evoked powerful emotions that challenged me to reflect on my own inner work. These unexpected, raw, emotions encouraged me to continue the reflection outside of the group which has helped me grow personally as well as clinically. I highly encourage any therapist looking to deepen their practice to participate in this unique opportunity, it was eye opening!

Caitlin Alleman, LCSW

Jacob is a thoughtful, perceptive clinician and a skilled, engaging group facilitator. The Deeper-in-the-Here-and-Now workshop that I attended was exhilarating and introduced me as a clinician and individual to a powerful way of working therapeutically. The here-and-now process is remarkably effective in putting one’s defenses in relief. It invites participants to allow ourselves to be truly seen, vulnerable and to connect with others in unexpected ways. That all of the attendees were therapists elevated and accelerated the work that we were able to accomplish in a relatively short time. The readings provided by Jacob were theoretically illuminating, accessible and interesting. The supervision portion of the workshop was productive and provided an opportunity to discuss the interventions that we had read about and experienced in group. I eagerly look forward to participating in a future workshop. Even this small amount of exposure to this way of working has impacted my personal work and my clinical practice. It is nothing short of revelatory.

Kristi Zybulewski, LSW

I have been to two workshops facilitated by Jacob Winkler and each has been an amazing learning experience.  The insights I made into myself and the clinical skills I learned from Jacob’s leadership were so appreciated.

Israel Martinez, LCSW

I very much enjoyed Jacob’s experiential workshop Deeper-in-the-Here-and-Now.
It helped me gain greater insight into the dynamics of group psychotherapy.
I found the process groups that he facilitated challenging and illuminating. Jacob is passionate about his clinical work and the articles on group process that he provided were very helpful. His workshop enriched me personally and professionally.

Joe Vernic, LCSW

It was a wonderful experience. I was able to learn something about myself and others in the workshop, but most importantly I’m able to utilize the techniques learned in the workshop in my daily practice as a therapist. The Here-and-Now approach is a valuable way for therapists to really connect with their clients, and understand how what happens in the moment in our office is often parallel to things happening in the client’s world.

Elizabeth Miller, LCSW

Initially, I wasn’t sure about how a “process” group would help me in my work with clients.  I already felt that I was doing good work with my clients and didn’t really need to attend a training about “the here and now”, but Jacob’s training really helped me to deal with some feelings that I’d been hanging onto that had been impacting me on a personal level.  It can be intimidating at first, sharing your feelings about another person in the group, but it is ultimately helpful to be able to give and receive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. I felt lighter and more connected after the training and I highly recommend it to other therapists. No matter how many years of experience and training you have, this training is valuable and transformative.

Elise Breen, LCSW, LCADC

The workshops are intense and designed for people looking to experience emotional insight through sharing feelings. If that excites you more than it scares you then give this try, you’ll get something from it. If not, then pass on it. For me it was very valuable.

Ariel Mozeson, LCSW

This workshop changed my clinical work with clients, especially when facilitating group therapy. The key to this learning approach was the experiential aspect that facilitated learning on a deeper, more integrated level. I have continuously used approaches learned in my work with clients as a strategy of improving their outcomes through their experience in the “here and now.” I would recommend this workshop to any clinician who practices psychotherapy.

Sarah DeVries, LCSW

Somatic Psychotherapy

The somatic psychotherapy workshop was based on different videos that introduced different approaches to somatic work. They were all extremely useful and served as an excellent jumping off point for case discussions and interactions among participants. The class was exciting, thought provoking and helped me to gain the confidence to introduce these approaches in my sessions. Jacob was an excellent facilitator and provided a safe space for participants to share and experiment with techniques. I’d definitely like to further pursue this area of practice.

Lauren Meisels, Ph.D.  

As part of Jacob’s training, I began to think about the voice as part of the body and a rich site for somatic attention and intervention. I was impressed with how much of himself Jacob brought to the training, modeling body-based communication throughout.

Colin Lentz, LMSW

This course provided a comprehensive and highly interactive learning experience
that was truly experiential in nature. It was wonderful to learn new tools that will benefit my clients and enhance my overall clinical practice. Jacob’s manner of teaching and the overall content of course are both invaluable experiences that I would recommend to any clinician.

Sarah DeVries, LCSW

This was just what was needed at this time of transition to telehealth. It helped to
attune further to my senses and my body and attune therefore to my patients as they transition to the telehealth and to the phone. I found the experiential learning to be very useful.

Genevieve David, LCSW

This experiential workshop invites participants to learn the material through feeling
in the moment. Jacob is a teacher/group leader willing to take risks to deepen the experience.

Yael Wedeck, LCSW

Overall this was a very good workshop.  Some of  the vocabulary might be unfamiliar, but the concepts have been around for a long time.


This was a great introductory course to Somatic Therapy. It was presented well with appropriate visual aids and the presenter was enthusiastic and well versed in the material.

Betty Jampel, MSW

I found this course extremely helpful on a personal and professional level. It covers
the main ideas of somatic psychotherapy in an experiential way.

Laura Ruaro, Psy. D.

Very helpful workshop; had an even deeper understanding of the use of the body and somatics in therapy.

Elise Breen, LCSW, LCADC

This course was a unique experience in that it encouraged the participants to be
more in tuned with the body and breath, and how it changed throughout each class. Participants could either use their own story or that of a client to practice somatic psychotherapy techniques, thus allowing us a hands on experience.

Christina Colon, LPC

What Dreams May Come

I am a practicing psychologist who has worked with my own dreams and those of my patients for many years but in two really enjoyable hours, Jacob took our small intimate group of interested clinicians to a new level.  This workshop helped me think about how to capture and make use of the richness of dreams with my patients but definitely for myself.  Didn’t expect the value I received.  Grateful.

Flora N. Taylor, Ph.D.