Somatic Psychotherapy ONLINE

Being and Treating Bodies in Talk Psychotherapy

What is Somatic Psychotherapy? 

If trauma is stored in the body, how do we help clients release it? 

What are our own bodies telling us during sessions? 


5 Fridays* EST

Conference Call 


10 APA Approved CE’S**

For Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists

In this workshop we draw on several essential youtube videos on different styles of somatic psychotherapy and then illustrate experientially how the techniques presented might be applied.

This workshop provides a taste of being in an actual process group.

We will pay special attention to how to work in a somatically informed way while treating people over video and phone.

*We will start when we have at least 4 people signed up and will meet 5 times for two hours each on alternating Friday afternoons.

**This online course Somatic Psychotherapy: Being and Treating Bodies in Talk Psychotherapy, Approval #200901-406R, provided by Jacob Winkler, is approved for continuing education by the New Jersey Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative, which is administered by NASW-NJ. CE Approval Collaborative Approval Period: Wednesday, July 15 2020 through August 31, 2022. New Jersey social workers will receive 10 Clinical CE credits for participating in this course.

10 CEs are available and handled through R. Cassidy Seminars for an additional $40 paid to them and will cover Psychologists whose States require CEs, New York Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists, Psychoanalysts, Creative Arts Therapists, Mental Health Counselors. Click here to receive CEs through R. Cassidy Seminars.



The somatic psychotherapy workshop was based on different videos that introduced different approaches to somatic work. They were all extremely useful and served as an excellent jumping off point for case discussions and interactions among participants. The class was exciting, thought provoking and helped me to gain the confidence to introduce these approaches in my sessions. Jacob was an excellent facilitator and provided a safe space for participants to share and experiment with techniques. I’d definitely like to further pursue this area of practice.

Lauren Meisels, Ph.D.  

As part of Jacob’s training, I began to think about the voice as part of the body and a rich site for somatic attention and intervention. I was impressed with how much of himself Jacob brought to the training, modeling body-based communication throughout.

Colin Lentz, LMSW

This course provided a comprehensive and highly interactive learning experience
that was truly experiential in nature. It was wonderful to learn new tools that will benefit my clients and enhance my overall clinical practice. Jacob’s manner of teaching and the overall content of course are both invaluable experiences that I would recommend to any clinician.

Sarah DeVries, LCSW

This was just what was needed at this time of transition to telehealth. It helped to
attune further to my senses and my body and attune therefore to my patients as they transition to the telehealth and to the phone. I found the experiential learning to be very useful.

Genevieve David, LCSW