Somatic Awareness

Weekly Practice Group

Tuesdays 3-3:50pm EST

Zoom Conference Call (Audio) 


Somatic Awareness refers to our ability to sense what’s happening in our bodies. It helps us track the arousal of our nervous system. We learn to ground and soothe ourselves by focusing on resources in the body and our environment.

Our feelings are in our bodies. Sometimes when we’re hurt, they get stuck there. Both chronic pain and emotional numbness are signs of not being embodied. In this class, we will practice a form of mindful listening to the body. This includes 3 main skills:

Grounding/Resourcing– using the body and immediate environment to soothe and regulate the nervous system.

Being with/Tracking– increasing the ability to tolerate uncomfortable sensations and feelings.

Listening– Learning how to allow the body/unconscious to speak to us and reveal new information from the deeper parts of who we are.