Secure Base Investments

In psychology, a secure base refers to a caregiver who meets a child’s needs and who is a safe haven, someone they can go to when they’re distressed who can reliably help them calm down and make sense of the world. A secure base is the foundation of secure attachment, an internalized sense of safety that allows a person to explore with confidence, competence and resilience.

Secure Base Investments is a real estate syndicate.

A syndicate buys large properties collectively that would be impossible for the individuals acting on their own to afford. It offers higher rates of returns than the stock market and other forms of real estate investments like real estate investment trusts. It is a way of establishing financial freedom over time based on passive income.

SBI caters to people who value:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Eco-Conscious Investing
  • Ethical Community Building
  • Transparency

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