Jacob’s Groups

Vitality and Belonging Group

The Vitality and Belonging Group is an ongoing, process-oriented psychotherapy group for people who want to improve their relationships, change dysfunctional behavior, and increase self-awareness. The focus is on expressing thoughts and feelings that members have towards and about each other. This invites honesty, risk-taking and intimacy. In Group, members reenact and experiment with the patterns that cause them distress and undermine relationships. Group attracts people who value authenticity and courage. Members can delve into sexuality, aggression, conflict and connection. They can adventure together in a symbolic space. They learn who they are and who they can become.

Transforming Rage Anger Management Group

Transforming Rage is one of the most rigorous, comprehensive programs in the state.  Prospective members ask the significant people in their life to list the aggressive behaviors they are doing that are scary, hurtful and upsetting. They maintain a log of each time they do these behaviors, the underlying thoughts and feelings, and options for more constructive alternatives. A digital workbook is provided, which members study at their own pace. Members commit to weekly individual sessions as well as group sessions for a minimum of 6 months. Six weeks into the program members present to the group on what they have learned. They are evaluated by the other group members on the degree to which they’re taking responsibility for their actions, demonstrating empathy towards the people affected by them, developing insight into the underlying emotional pain and cultivating the skills of managing and transforming their rage. This presentation is repeated prior to termination.

Responding to Rage: Preserving Safety, Dignity and Respect

Responding to Rage provides the emotional and psychological support for people who have to deal with the rage of significant others, including partners, family members, co-workers and bosses. The program is similar in structure to Transforming Rage, in that members commit to individual and group sessions for a minimum of six months.  The program focuses on self-esteem, assertiveness, healthy boundaries, empowerment and insight.

Process Group for Therapists

…in which therapists meet regularly to become wiser, more powerful and more free. This experience offers everything in the Vitality and Belonging group, in addition to an opportunity for supervision, training, personal and professional development. Members cultivate their capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and skillfully work with transference, counter-transference and projection. Additional benefits include greater self-understanding, ability to create and sustain intimacy, boundary-setting, assertiveness, support, a sense of community and inspiration.