Jacob’s Groups

All groups are conducted over Zoom.


Current Groups

Group Therapy 

This a weekly therapy group for people who want to improve their relationships, change dysfunctional behavior, and increase self-awareness. Group attracts people who value authenticity and courage. Members can delve into sexuality, aggression, conflict and connection. 

Training Group for Therapists 

This group offers an opportunity for supervision, training, personal and professional development. Members cultivate their capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and skillfully work with transference, counter-transference and projection. 

Supervision Group

A process-oriented supervision experience. We focus on transference and countertransference issues, boundary setting, assertiveness, tolerating uncomfortable feelings, working with aggression and more.

Wisdom of the Body

Wisdom of the Body is about healing the split between the mind and the body, between our civilized selves and our ancient, ancestral origins. We learn to track the arousal of our nervous system and to ground and soothe ourselves by focusing on resources in the body and our environment. We develop tolerance for uncomfortable sensations and discover how to release, express and listen to the wisdom they represent.

Anger Management

A place to practice the skills of calming down, channeling aggression effectively and healing underlying wounds.

Starting Soon

Taste of Group Therapy

Intrigued by Group but not ready to commit? This group provides four hour-long sessions in which to taste being in a process group. 

Money Group

We often overlook the quality of our relationship with money. And so, we stay less wealthy than we would like, or we sacrifice who we are to get more than we need. In this group, members study their resistances to concepts related to wealth creation.

Dreams Group

This is a study group based on understanding dreams from a Jungian Perspective. We will learn how to understand our own dreams and unlock their potential for healing and growth.  

Mythology Group

How can the stories from world mythology help you solve the problems of your daily life? Each week we will look at one myth and unpack its power for inspiration and meaning.

Sexual Fantasies Group

Like dreams, fantasies are meaningful. Through studying fantasies that have been published elsewhere we will learn how to understand our own fantasies and their potential for self-discovery and evolution.

Bereavement Group

When we suffer a loss, we must find a new way to live in the world. This group provides support and guidance in that transition.

Parenting Group

Parenting is one of life’s greatest challenges and opportunities. This group is devoted to taking advantage of the opportunity for insight, healing and growth that parenting offers. 

Role-Playing Game Group

Role-playing games are places to take on new roles, to explore ways of being that we don’t usually get to express. This is fun, freeing, playful and empowering.

Couples Group

What are the essential skills to satisfying relationships? In this group couples learn to communicate without contempt, criticism and defensiveness. They practice using their conflicts as opportunities for healing and growth.

Conversations with God

What is God? Do we need an answer to that question in order to have a conscious personal relationship with something beyond us?