Jacob’s Groups

All groups are conducted over Zoom, audio-only.

Vitality and Belonging Group 

The Vitality and Belonging Group is a weekly, ongoing, process-oriented psychotherapy group for people who want to improve their relationships, change dysfunctional behavior, and increase self-awareness. The focus is on expressing thoughts and feelings that members have towards and about each other. This invites honesty, risk-taking and intimacy. In Group, members reenact and experiment with the patterns that cause them distress and undermine relationships. Group attracts people who value authenticity and courage. Members can delve into sexuality, aggression, conflict and connection. They can adventure together in a symbolic space. They learn who they are and who they can become.

Vitality and Belonging Training Group for Therapists 
…in which therapists meet regularly to become wiser, more powerful and more free. This experience offers everything in the Vitality and Belonging group, in addition to an opportunity for supervision, training, personal and professional development. Members cultivate their capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and skillfully work with transference, counter-transference and projection. Additional benefits include greater self-understanding, ability to create and sustain intimacy, boundary-setting, assertiveness, support, a sense of community and inspiration.

Vitality and Belonging Supervision Group

A process-oriented supervision experience especially for LSWs who are seeking their supervisory hours as they work toward their LCSW. 

We explore:

  • Counter-transference
  • Use of Self
  • Working with Aggression
  • Dreams and Symbolic Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Boundary-Setting

Vitality and Belonging Money Group

We often overlook the quality of our relationship with money. And so, we stay less wealthy than we would like, or we sacrifice who we are to get more than we need. In this group, members use the process group format to illuminate and transform their relationship with money.

12 Rules For Life Therapy Group

This is a year-long process-oriented study and therapy group for an immersive, experiential embodiment of the ideas of Jordan Peterson.