Deeper in the Here-and-Now


An Experiential Full Day Workshop

Sunday, 9:30am-4:30pm

Date to be determined

Insight Psychological Group

773 Central Avenue, Lower Level

Westfield NJ, 07090 

Students, Early Professionals and Non-Profit $175

Regular $200

What is the Here-and-Now Technique that Irvin Yalom, Fritz Perls and many others discuss in their work?

How does working in the Here-and-Now unlock dormant emotional energy in difficult clients?

What prevents us as clinicians from working in the Here-and-Now and how can we become more comfortable and confident with this powerful approach?

In this workshop we will use a process-group format to explore some of the theoretical underpinnings of working in the Here-and-Now, a dynamic technique for bringing vitality into our work with stuck, challenging clients. This is an exciting, stimulating way to learn, grow and connect. Members gain an actual experience of being in a process group and an embodied understanding of how these techniques may be used. 

Preparation for this workshop includes five main articles ranging from basic to advanced. Here is an example of one of the more complex articles.

Attendance is capped at 9. There are currently four spots available.