Defense Against Dark Arts:

Zoom Group for Therapists



In Harry Potter, the Dark Arts encompass all magic used to harm, control, manipulate and destroy.

For our purposes, the Dark Arts refer to the many ways clients resist, disrupt and derail their healing and growth. These are patterns of self-hatred, dissociation and denial that often induce feelings of frustration, hopelessness, despair, incompetence, boredom, and burnout in the clients’ therapists.

How do we defend ourselves and our clients from these forces?

The Zoom Group is a weekly, ongoing virtual meeting for the purposes of supervision, self-care and support. It is process-oriented, meaning that participants are invited to bring their whole selves and share any and all thoughts and feelings that they’re having.

We explore:

  • Counter-transference
  • Use of Self
  • Working with Aggression
  • Dreams and Symbolic Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Somatic Experiencing and Body-Psychology
  • Boundary-Setting
  • Practice Building