Making the Intra-psychic Interpersonal

Or, What Has Group Therapy Ever Done For Us?   In Monty Python’s Life of Bryan there is a scene where the rebel leader asks, “What have the Romans ever done for us?” The expected answer is, “Nothing!” inspiring and justifying the ensuing acts of violence. Instead, after several responses, the leader is forced to specify: All right, but … Continue reading Making the Intra-psychic Interpersonal

Vitality and Belonging part 2

I considered naming this post, "Why Every Therapist Should Run A Group," but the truth is, group isn't for everyone. Most people don't want to be challenged. This applies to therapists as much as anyone else. We all have a natural predilection to maintain what is familiar, comfortable and predictable, even if this tendency exacts … Continue reading Vitality and Belonging part 2