A Taste of Group Therapy


Getting Real

Emotional Intelligence

Difficult Conversations

Better Connections 

This workshop is a chance to experience the power of group therapy, in a bite-size format.

Jordan Peterson talks about the importance of practicing precise and truthful speech.

Brene Brown speaks about the bravery required to be vulnerable and the powerful shifts that are possible when we dare to lead with our authentic selves.

But this isn’t easy to do.

In a process group, you are invited to be honest with what you’re thinking and feeling, especially about other members. This means speaking your mind even when it’s uncomfortable. You gain more awareness of your own emotional life and how other people perceive you and the world.

  • How do you tell someone you’re attracted to them? 
  • How do you tell someone you don’t like what they’re doing?

How would your life change if you started saying what you really think and feel?

Date/Time TBD*



*We will set a time when at least 6 people have signed up.