A Taste of Group Therapy

Getting Real

Emotional Intelligence

Difficult Conversations

Better Connections 

This workshop is a chance to experience the power of group therapy, in a bite-size format.

You are invited to be honest.

This means speaking your mind even when it’s uncomfortable.

How do you tell someone you’re attracted to them? 

How do you tell someone you don’t like what they’re doing?

How would your life change if you started saying what you really think and feel?

Most of the time, we keep our impolite, awkward, vulnerable thoughts to ourselves. Often, we even keep them FROM ourselves, remaining ignorant of how we truly feel and what we actually believe.

Group Therapy is an invitation to get in touch with that hidden, more true part of your personality.

Then, you’re invited to share it.

WOAH! You might say. Share my deepest inner thoughts? Share my vulnerabilities? Share my meanness, my selfishness, my secret desires?

Jacob are you nuts? Why would I do THAT?

First of all, you don’t HAVE to share anything. It’s just an invitation. What happens with that invitation is up to you.

But if I’m doing my job well, you’ll WANT to share, and as you do, at a pace that feels just slightly outside your comfort zone, you’ll discover that you’re growing. You become more courageous, more at ease with yourself, more comfortable with your own aggression and sexuality. You get to know your own shadow, become less afraid of being rejected by others or disappointing them. You clarify what you want and become more assertive in seeking it.

In this workshop you can experience a taste of Group Therapy at a fraction of the usual cost.

Wednesday, July 7




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