Can I bring a friend to Group?

Can I bring a friend to Group?

You probably want a simple Yes or No answer.

I try to avoid that, whenever possible. My reason is not just to annoy you.

Therapy, whether individual, couples, family or group, is a place to learn more about yourself, especially about your unconscious.

What is the unconscious?

Everything about you that happens without you having to think about it. Your breathing is generally unconscious. Your body temperature. Your dreams. Slips of the tongue. Accidentally scheduling the office party for precisely the same day and time that your wife requested additional help with the kids…

The unconscious contains our instincts. It holds all of the thoughts and feelings that we prefer not to think and feel. We all have deep-seated ideas about the world that we absorbed without realizing. These unknown and disowned parts of ourselves live in the dark places of our mind. Whenever we act, it’s difficult to know who or what exactly is pulling at the strings.

This is not meant to scare you.

Okay it is, but only a little.

Therapy is a place where we can explore and understand some of our unconscious urges.

So when the desire rises in you to bring a friend to Group, I get very curious.

Why at this particular moment do you want to bring a friend? Did something happen​ last session that made you want more support? Why this friend specifically? Is there something about her that you want the Group to see and understand about you?

The more questions we can ask about our seemingly simple desires and requests, the more we learn about ourselves.

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