12 Rules For Life Therapy Group

inspired by the work of Jordan Peterson

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30PM EST

“If you identify with the part of your being that is responsible for transformation, then you are always the equal, or more than the equal of the things that frighten you.”

“The way that you make people resilient is by voluntarily exposing them to things that they are afraid of and that make them uncomfortable.”

This group is an opportunity to develop resilience. It’s more than a simple discussion of Jordan Peterson’s ideas. It’s about showing up each week and holding yourself and others accountable to living with greater courage and responsibility.

“When you have something to say, silence is a lie.”

You develop courage by being honest. Not only about what you’re struggling with, but also sharing your authentic reactions to the other people in the group. In this way you give and receive the genuine feedback and constructive criticism that is infinitely precious. You develop the strength to speak your truth, to tolerate disappointing others, to stand upright and to hold your ground.

This is a year-long study group. We will spend approximately one month on each of the 12 Rules. We will meet on a conference call Tuesdays, 4-4:50PM EST.

The cost is $1250 if paid for entirely in advance, or $1600, if paid in 4 installments.